Check out Marian McPartland’s podcasts

Marian McPartland - piano
Image by Tom Marcello via Flickr

Marian McPartland has been hosting Piano Jazz – the best performance/interview show on radio for many years. You can hear podcasts of past shows and it is well worth your time to work your way through the entire catalog. This wonderful lady knows everybody who has ever been in the music business, and every song ever written. Some of the best moments are the duets she plays with her guests. Give a listen today!

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Music fan. All types of music but, especially Jazz, Big Band, Swing & Oldies from the 50s & early (pre-Beatle) 60s.

2 Responses to Check out Marian McPartland’s podcasts

  1. I click on this Jazzmonger site looking for podcast of Marian McPartlands Piano Jazz, I’ve clicked on her link, showing someone named “Sung”. But don’t find her podcast anywhere. Could you please be more specific on where I might find Marian’s Piano Jazz podcasts.

    Thank you

    • The link is still taking you to the Marian McPartland section of NPR. However, you are right, the podcasts are not playing. I am in the process of checking this out and will be back with further news.

      Thanks for letting me know about this problem.


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