The Palomar is a Fountain of Musical Knowledge and History

George Spink hosts The Palomar at It is an impressive compendium of reviews, photos, audio & video clips and music history. The Palomar benefits from numerous contributors, from all over the world, who offer personal experiences and remembrances. Do yourself a favor and take a look at this great site.

One recent post re: the song At Last is a good example of the comprehensive knowledge shared at The Palomar. The song is mostly thought of in its classic performance by Etta James, which has been featured in several movies (including Pleasantville) and a series of Jaguar commercials. Beyonce, who stars as Etta James in the upcoming film Cadillac Records serenaded Pres. & Mrs. Obama with the song at one of the recent Inaugural Balls.

Here is just part of the post:

… it saddens me that Glenn Miller‘s version of “At Last” has been
lost in the shuffle in recent years. Top 40 stations wouldn’t touch it
with a ten-foot pole! Most disc jockeys and most reporters don’t have a
clue that Harry Warren and Mack Gordon wrote this song for Glenn Miller
in 1941. You hear a snippet of it in “Sun Valley Serenade” (1941) and
the entire version with Pat Friday and Ray Eberle at the beginning of
Orchestra Wives” (1942). It remains one of my favorite Miller songs
after all of these years.

Pat Friday Ray Eberle
Pat Friday Ray Eberle

(The site then features audio clips of the followinperformances)

“At Last” – Glenn Miller with Ray Eberle (1942)
from Glenn Miller: A Legendary Performer Album

“At Last” – Glenn Miller with Pat Friday and Ray Eberle
from Orchestra Wives (1942)

“At Last” – Ray Eberle and His Orchestra
from Ray Eberle Plays Glenn Miller Favorites (1957)

“At Last” – Etta James (1960) – Chess Records

“”At Last” – Beyoncé from Cadillac Records (2008)
in which she portrays Etta James.

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2 Responses to The Palomar is a Fountain of Musical Knowledge and History

  1. swingkid says:

    Hi, Stephen,

    Thanks for your kind words about The Palomar. I certainly appreciate it!

    Born in 1940, I grew up listening to big band music on the radio. My mother and two younger sisters who lived with us listened to music on the radio all day long. One of my aunts bought a beautiful RCA Victor radio-phonograph console. We heard the radio or played records all the time. “At Last” was one of my favorites.

    Since Etta James’ recording of “At Last” became popular in 1988, it has become a favorite of a whole new generation. Many younger people today simply are not aware that Glenn Miller made “At Last” famous in the early 1940’s.

    George Spink
    Los Angeles

  2. I have to admit, for all the Glenn Miller I have and listen to, I didn’t know that the song had been written for him. This is what I find so cool about your site. I love those kind of tidbits that get me a little closer to how things came about and what was happening when the music was new.

    When I can get him going, my buddy Dick Molvin is going to be adding some interesting stuff on here. He was in the service during WWII and he saw some of the great talent I revere performing live.

    You have an impressive number of contributors with first-hand memories.

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