Trying a New Look

We are a text-heavy blog. We try to feature a photo, or two, in every post and we include soundtracks and/or video wherever applicable. Still, our content, overall, is primarily text. I thought we would experiment with a new wider format that saves some scroll-down effort when reading a long post. If we can get our wordsmith buddy bluetwango to post again, this will really pay off.

Take a look. See how it works on your screen display. I have tried it on a wide-screen monitor and on a 14-inch laptop and it seems to look okay. Help us out with some feedback, please. Let us know whether this works for you, or if you greatly prefer the original format.

Stay tuned. Reviews on some new talents coming up!


P.S. To keep this from being a thoroughly boring post, here is a teaser track from T-Cash, one of the new talents I spoke of.

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jazzmonger head shot

About thejazzmonger
Music fan. All types of music but, especially Jazz, Big Band, Swing & Oldies from the 50s & early (pre-Beatle) 60s.

One Response to Trying a New Look

  1. damonjwalker says:

    The new format works for me. I thought the old one was great, but this is okay, too. I miss the hand on the piano in the masthead.

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