Sounds of Peace and Contentment

Take some time for a visit with Deva Premal. This is an almost 54-minute multi-track album that really works for me.

Deva Premal’s Dakshina

The whole thing has been engineered at 432 Hz, which is a sort of cosmic frequency (“Verdi’s ‘A'”) that does some special things for the mind and the body. You can look it up.

The Magic of 432 Hz

Purely anecdotal evidence, but it engulfs me in a gradual fashion as if someone were pouring spiritual honey from my head down my body to the toes.

If you have headphones that plug into your computer, even better. Shut out the sound of the world, close your eyes, get comfortable and let your head sink toward your chest. Then, just FEEl it. Listen with your “inner ears.”

I guarantee that your breathing will become slower, easier, deeper.

Here is another source of information and soundtracks at 432 Hz.

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