Hello from Doctor Dick

Dick’s Den

Just a note to say I am still alive and listening to good jazz.

Just heard some great Bob James, and also a nice piece by Sophie Milman, one of the best new jazz singers to come along in a long a long  time.

here is the link to Bob’s website:


and to the website for the group Fourplay:


bob-james-in-session with Fourplay

Bob James in session with Fourplay

Doctor Dick's station

Doctor Dick's station

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One Response to Hello from Doctor Dick

  1. Hey there, Doctor Dick. Good to hear from you. Sophie Milman is a favorite of a good friend of mine. He will travel a good distance to see her live.

    I have several of Bob James’ CDs , and also Fourplay. I am a fan of both. My favorite Bob James tune is ‘Raise the Roof’ from the “Joy Ride” CD.

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